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November 2010 The Evolving Critic

Gardens of the Hudson Valley Photographs by Steve Gross & Susan Daley Text by Susan Lowry and Nancy Berner, Forward by Gregory Long The Monacelli Press, 2010 $50.00 (Amazon) ISBN 978-1-58093-277-6 Gardens of the Hudson Valley published by the Monacelli Press highlights the exquisite gardens of the National Heritage Area known as the Hudson Valley, as well as the […]

January 2010 The Evolving Critic

Boston University No, I am not speaking for myself, or the fine university I attend here in Boston, but for the thousands of high school students in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the country whose historic, architecturally significant schools are being torn down and replaced with cookie cutter, strip mall like architecture constructed of cheap materials. […]

Falling in Love with Buffalo, All Over Again

Is it possible to fall in love with a city more than you already are? The City of Buffalo, New York had been on my mind constantly for the past few years, but even more so after reading Alexandra Lange’s essay “A Buffalo Case Study: Can Architecture Bring a City Back?” Years ago, when I was […]