Brutalist Crush: Explore Boston’s Concrete Architecture with this New Map

Brutalist Boston Map

The Brutalist Boston Map everyone has been waiting for, is finally here. And by “everyone,” I mean those with even the slightest interest in the concrete architecture of the sixties and seventies in Boston.

Written and edited by Mark Pasnik, Chris Grimley and Michael Kubo—the authors behind Heroic: Concrete Architecture and the New Boston, the critically acclaimed monograph that historicizes Boston City Hall and many of the buildings built around its time. The new Brutalist Boston map, published by Blue Crow Media—an independent publisher based in London—is the latest map in the publisher’s series of maps highlighting brutalist architecture around the world.

The map features more than 40 buildings found in and around Boston, including perhaps the city’s most famous building: Boston City Hall by Kallmann, McKinnell and Knowles. Le Corbusier’s only building in North America, the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University is also featured.

You can purchase a copy of the Brutalist Boston Map here, or in person at the launch at pinkcomma gallery in the South End on Tuesday August 1, 6-9pm.

Images courtesy of Blue Crow Media.