Berklee College of Music and The Museum School to Merge with Other institutions in the Boston Area

This past summer the world-renowned Berklee College of Music announced that it was exploring the possibility of merging with the Boston Conservatory—the oldest performing music conservatory in the United States, founded in 1867. Boston Business Journal reports that the two institutions have agreed to merge, with a closing date of June 1, 2016.

On a related note, The Boston Globe reports that The School of the Museum of Fine Arts has signed a memorandum of understanding with Tufts University to transfer the school to Tufts. The agreement, effective on June 30, 2016 was based on several factors that will hopefully secure a better future for the cash strapped Museum School. The Museum School, which was founded in 1876 as the educational division of the Museum of Fine Arts, has been operating in partnership with Tufts University since 1944. Students at the Museum School will now have a much more rounded education in the liberal arts.

Both the merger of Berklee College with the Boston Conservatory and the transfer of the Museum School to Tufts University are great news in Boston, as these institutions will create more cross pollination within the arts in the city.

Header Image via Wikimedia Commons User: Eevensen