The Writings on the Walls

I am fascinated with every aspect of a city. The fabric of a city, its many complex layers and patterns tell colorful and sometimes dark stories that deeply interest me. The city for me is my sanctuary for meditation, and because mediation is an internal personal practice, I rely on external factors like my camera and the city itself to reflect on my days, weeks, years and lifetime. I aimlessly wander the streets and alleys of Boston in search of mental clarity. As the visual person that I am, I cannot help myself but notice everything that surrounds me, in particular the writings on the walls.

I love graffiti for what it has to say. I am not endorsing nor promoting it through this post, but I do think that graffiti and street art have a place in a city in spite of their very short life. I love the psychological, social and political implications behind the writings on the walls in the streets and alleys of a city.

Below are some of my findings.


Mirror, Mirror...


I would, but you missed the

Femme Fatale


Oh, the smells...


Yes, shame on you.

Golden showers are not cool.

The King/Queen of Hearts


Dreams Are Not Cancelled

Dreams Are Not Cancelled...Dreams AR Trus. Spelling anyone?

This person loves

Lisa, you're tearing Tommy Apart!

Up for your own interpretation.

Dance Dance to the Music. Yes, Just Dance.

Yes it is.

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